About Me

I am a self-taught metalsmith and have personally handmade all pieces on this site. Although I have had a shop on a popular handmade platform for over a decade, my current and future efforts will focus on presenting new creations on this new site. I have had the pleasure of selling my copper, bronze, sterling silver and fine silver handmade jewelry and accessories to hundreds of men and women around the globe. I lean to organic, textured forms and minimalist styles.

In addition to jewelry, accessories include money clips/money rings, scarf slides, hair sticks, hair cuffs and cloak pins among other pieces. Items for home and garden have included small copper and sterling wall hooks, copper and sterling cocktail picks, to name a few. I generally do not accept custom orders but may on occasion; so feel free to inquire.

About Me
Selfie at the bench September 2022

“In their purest forms, copper’s and bronze’s warm earth tones contrast beautifully with sterling’s cool sheen and offer endless design and fabrication opportunities. Persuaded by fire, anvil and hammer, these malleable metals are well suited to forging into a myriad of forms and functions.”

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