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Copper Mushroom Sculptures With Blue Caps Set of 4


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Hand forged pure copper miniature mushrooms, set of four.  Perfect for your flower box, potted plant or miniature garden.  Uneven caps and partially textured stalks for a natural, organic look.  Shiny copper stalks stamped with maker’s mark ‘DPV’.  Caps have been oxidized with household ammonia and table salt for a beautiful blue color.

Caps have not been coated with a sealant because any sealant will dull the beautiful blue color.  However if you wish the caps sprayed with sealant, I’m happy to do so; but this is not reversible and these would not be returnable.

From top of cap, the shortest measures approximately 3.5 inches (89 mm); the longest measures approximately 5 inches (127 mm).

Handle by the sturdier stalks, not by the caps.  Do not wash or brush the caps. Keep away from children and pets.